Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mail Call and His Call

Haley is back and with her were manila envelopes filled with letters and notes from folks from the US. We had one Spanish Class who sent hand written cards to the girls. They were so excited to receive mail! There is a scripture in Proverbs about how wonderful it is to receive news from home. Haley has returned bringing wonderful blessings with her. We are so glad she is back!

As I was driving back from San Pedro Sula with Haley, who was asleep in the front seat in a semi-catatonic state because she had been up for almost 24 hours straight. Zulmin, Sonia, and Lizzie were in the back. It was their turn to come to town with me. It was quiet and I began to think about how hard it was for me when I had to start picking up team members on my own. I have gone to SPS hundreds of times, and was very difficult when it was just me attending to the teams.

I know in times past, I was the one who was sitting on the passenger side snoozing away. Or if I was awake I know I heard a hundred times where to turn and what landmark to look for, only I was doing something else, like knitting hats for the kids, or reading a book, crocheting a blanket or listening to a tape. So many times landmarks of "where to turn" were pointed out to me, but clearly my focus was else where. I was doing good things, but I wasn't paying attention.

My devotional for the day had been in Matt. 13:14 . (I had to go look it up when I got home) While I was driving up the winding mountaneous roads, the scripture that I read for the day came back to my mind. It is really a quote from Isaiah. You will hear my words but you will not understand, you will see what I do,but will not perceive the meaning. For the hearts of these people are hardened and their ears cannot hear and they have closed eyes so that the eyes cannot see and their ears cannot hear, and their hearts cannot understand and they cannot turn to me and let me heal them.
I always thought that scripture in the Old and New Testament was like a riddle, that I couldn't figure out, until I was driving down the road, alone, with 4 people in my car. I had seen my husband drive over the years and sort of knew where to turn, and sort of knew the landmarks, and sort of knew where the car rental places were, and sort of knew what times the flights came in. However when I had to do it myself, I was really unsure about what I was doing. The bottom line was I wasn't really paying attention. It really wasn't my job to get us to the airport before and so my heart wasn't in it.

I think God is trying to tell me at least, to start pay attention because it is important. I don't want to live a passenger life when I am supposed to be driving. There are a lot of things we can be doing, even good things, that will pull our attention away from the direction God is trying to show us. Oswald Chambers says that the good is the enemy of the best. It is good to read the Word, listen to sermons, and read anointed Christian literature, but we need to really focus on the best. That way whenever it is time to do whatever, I will be prepared and not so unsure of myself. I want my heart to be into whatever He is trying to show me. I want to understand and perceive His meaning. I want to realize that the call of God is not a one time thing, it is a continual conversation. So I need to start this year differently. I don't want to walk through my spiritual life with my eyes closed and my heart hardened. Please pray for me that I will "pay attention". The Missionary motto is: See it, Do it, Teach it. I think if we really see what the word says and perceive what God wants us to do in any given moment and then teach others to do the same, we will be healed as individuals and as the body of Christ. I want that for my life and for the lives of the girls He has entrusted me with. Blessings, the Alert Honduran MOM
The girls have been super this month. We have loaded rocks, boulders, firewood by the flatbed trailer full. They have cooked and cleaned and cut coffee beans. We have managed the animals, kept the vegetable garden hoed and watered. During their spare time after school and these activities they have started a dance team and coreograph their own moves with the songs they pick out. I am amazed at how much talent and energy these girls have. They are amazing.

These are a few projects we need to get finished. One is the foundation on an adobe duplex for our interns who are coming to help us and the other is we need to get our bus fixed. Please be praying we get it all done.

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  1. Preach it Sister! Great word Pam! I pray I will have my heart in tune and my eyes open to His leading. Don't let me be distracted by other "good" things and miss the reationship the author and finisher of my faith is wanting with me.