Sunday, December 3, 2017

Be a Little More Christmas-Like

So my sisters and I were talking the other day and they said "You don't have a mean bone in your body".  I started to snort with laughter, until I realized they were serious.  On my second thought, I wanted to believe it myself and not dispel their thoughts about me.  I got pretty convicted about it, so I said to myself that I would tell them later and then since I didn't really move fast enough, God helped me out..

We had been to a family funeral.  So extremely sad and it was a military funeral of a very young, but talented recruit.  I flew home to be able to be with my family.  It was the saddest thing.  Also during that same week, I found out that while I was away, the Hondurans had their elections.  The Hondurans always have a lively election, just like the United States.  I have yet to pick who was going to win correctly in either country.  However, after I left, there was a hesitation in the results of the vote, which spawned a huge problem there in the country.  Today, Honduras is under marshal law and have closed the airports for right now until everything gets calmer.  I have my Honduran children there.   I love the country, my kids, my staff, the interns and the Honduran people.  I was reading scripture today in Psalms 46.  God reassuring me that He is our refuge and strength and a very present help in time of need. I contacted interns families, and went to our family gathering at the funeral home to encourage the family that our lovely nephew left waiting on the other side of the glass. 

So we ate a huge Southern Style lunch at a church, who graciously made lunch for our family and the fellow recruits from the Army, who came down to help with the military funeral. Afterward we went to my oldest daughter's house and visited with my kids and grand kids for a bit before they had to go to work or go home.  I just wanted to do something normal and so we decided because of the stressed filled day, we would order pizza and watch a movie at the house.  So we called the pizza place and asked if they take credit cards. "Yes," was the resounding answer.  We continued with our wonderful plan.  "Do you have a white spinach pizza? "  Again "Yes", it is called the Mondo Cheesey".  "Okay" we said, "that is what we want".  They said, "But it is going to cost you more".  "Okay," we said a little more reluctantly.  WE were on a roll, but we had to go pick it up.  

We arrived and they said "Your pizza is ready".  I gave them my credit card.  "Oh", they said, "We don't take that credit card, do you have another card?"  I told them I that I did, but I thought they said they took credit cards.  "Who said that?"  I thought to myself, "Someone here must have", but I didn't say anything as I reached in my wallet for my debit card.  While they were running my card, they told me to look at the pizza to make sure that they had my order correct.  I first I thought that I didn't need to look, because we had been so specific, but they insisted.  So I looked at the pizza.  No spinach. I asked about why there wasn't any spinach.  They said, "That would be the Napolitano and you order the Mondo cheesy." We countered with, " But we were told the Mondo Cheesy came with spinach".  "Who said that"?  Again, I thought, "Hmmmm, ", but I didn't say anything. I was irritated, and as she gave me a receipt, she said said all perky and peppy, "Hey, here is your receipt," and on the back is a survey for you to tell us how we are doing.  She continued "If you fill it out you can get a cup of our cheesy whiz sauce, the next time you come back to get your Napolitano". She finished her speech with a big smile.  I couldn't look at my daughter and she couldn't look at me, lest we burst out laughing.  I got in the car, ticked off about our order. (Remember we had already had an unusally big meal that afternoon)  I thought, "because my order was mishandled, I should have asked for my cup of cheesy whiz, and they should have given us breadsticks to go with it".   I continued with my dissertation, "That the next time we will write down who it is that we talk too, and when they ask, "Who said that?" I will say, "It was you!"  As I slung my hand into the air for dramatic effect, I saw that I had my jewelry on my indignant arm and fingers.  The girl that waited on us clearly was struggling with life.  I had a hard week, and she has had a hard life.  I was laughing at situation to relieve stress, but I thought about if I had of acted on what I was thinking and saying at hardship of someone else, then that is mean.  

I know there is a lot of stress out there during the holidays.  There are a lot of things that are really not that important, that seem to be important.  These events are even more concentrated during the holidays. WE need not to be looking so much about how we can be blessed or served, but about how to bless and serve others even in small ways.  Being kind and looking for ways to be kind to others is scriptural.  Even when we are having a bad days, we can be loving, we can be kind and we can be Christmas-like.  Have a Merry Christmas                         r

Friday, November 17, 2017

Lace Up Your Shoes


My I-phone camera has become my new journal.  I used to journal all the time.  I don't know where all my hours have gone that I used to spend on my journals, but that is the life I lead now and is my new reality.  My days flow into each other.  I have heard, in times past,  that the older you get the faster the clock seems to be running.  I feel like my clock is sprinting on time lapse and I am thankful that I am keeping the pace with what God has for me.  I am thankful, that even though the music of my life is faster and the pace is swift, God keeps my dance card filled and my feet are ready.  

Our girls are running!  They have a competition in their school for different events.  One of the events is a 5K.  They run home from school at least 3 times a week.  I am amazed at that!  If you knew the terrain of the dirt road after they leave the big white gate at the school you would be amazed also.  When they reach the pavement of the highway, it is still pretty uphill with just a few dips.  Yet the girls run.   Some of them walk/run, some run wide open, and some just walk, but they all arrive home. (I am going to use that for our next devotional.)  Everyone of them feel accomplished and have their little endorphins running alongside of them.  They ran their first competition a few weeks ago.  One of our girls came in first place in her division and another came in 3rd.  It was a perfect day here in Intibuca to run.  I am thankful for all the teachers and staff that are training and investing in our girls.  I am blessed and we are blessed. 

The older girls who are in Abundant Life Christian School, went to the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, to experience the Honduras Symphonic Orchestra.  It was held at the Abundant Life Church.  Our girls were beyond excited at the opportunity to go to this event.  We traveled to the Capital in two sets of busses and the girls got to spend the night in a nice hotel, dressed up in fancy shoes and dresses and wore the jewelry someone made and sent to the girls to wear on a special occasion.  We ate out and had a very nice breakfast the next morning before we travel back to our mountain village in El Obispo.  The music teacher and several of the other teachers came as chaperones.  It was wonderful and I am thankful that my girls got to see and experience their culture, history and music.  I am thankful for the teachers who invest and encourage our girls on every level.  I am thankful that we all got back safely and were able to share our wonderful experience with the girls that were waiting for us at the house.  

I was able to go to a Women's Retreat Sisterhood Revive, held by the Women of Purpose.  They come every year and I signed up months ago.  I had totally forgotten the dates until about two days before the event.  There were 115 women who attended.  That meant that there were 115 sponsors who paid for us to be at the retreat center in Valley of the Angels, paid for our food, people who donated books, gifts, snacks and craft projects. They got the pastors, guest speakers, band members and all of their equipment there to minister to a bunch of very tired missionary women.  The theme was about the armor of God andto lace up your spiritual boots.   I was so honored to be a part of this group of women.  Listening to their stories encouraged me greatly in the work we have all be called to do here in Honduras. I am so thankful to all the sponsors, and the team who made this possible to revive so many women in 4 days. It was exciting to know that I have so many co-laborers on this field in Honduras Life-giving!

Most of this month apparently is about our feet.  The Word says how beautiful are the feet of them who bring the good news of the Gospel.  I want to say thank you to all of you and your feet who have encouraged me through thick and thin over the path I have been walking, running, dancing and sometimes stomping around in for this 23 year old adventure in Honduras.  Thanks to both boards of Such is the Kingdom Ministries and to all the teams who come and give of themselves to pray, build, encourage and evangelize our mission community around Project Talitha Cumi.  I am thankful to God for calling me here, and for giving me a super supportive family, and church that continue to care over us with prayer.   Happy Thanksgiving from the Happily Stomping but Thankful, Revived, Honduran MOM