Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day of the Child Part Two

We have been doing Day of the Child for 3 days! Just wanted to show you some of the photos. These two boys we saw as we were coming off the swing bridge. They were going the opposite direction of the school, so we invited them to come along. They just kind of shrugged and looked at each other as if to say "Why not?".

It had rained the night before we went down to the valley. It was very slippery going down the mountainside, but because of all the rain it was so incredibly beautiful. There were tropical plants growning besides the engorged river side. We took so many pictures of everything that we laid our eyes on. The flowers, the plants, trees, waterfalls, mini landslides
When we arrived, the whole village was there. They had a program and a large welcome for our little group. We had brought rice and a pinata and some candies. They wanted to welcome us in a grand fashion. They had prayers from the Catholic and Evangelical groups. The children did dramas, songs and poems. They had lunch prepared for us but we had to get back up the mountain before the rains came once again.
It was such a blessing to see so many of the young children that we knew so many years ago that now are grown adults with families of their own.

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