Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Day for a Fiesta


Noehmi and Karla

Well, when I got back from Canada, it was time for the Fiesta Tipica at the Abundant Life School. The kids were beyond excited and had practiced their flute playing, folkloric dances, and their songs...a lot. I was ready for this day also. Kelsey and Karly helped us get all the dresses in order with name tags and we also put names on the sandals and tights the girls were to wear. Now if you can just think how chaotic it is to get your little ones to a church program, multiply that times 25. WE did get a call from the school to see if we were on our way, and thankfully we were pulling out of the gate. When you have 25 girls, in different grade levels, you can't exactly start the show without them. Even with the best of preparation, sandals were lost and tights were missing, and we had to do the hair of each girl. Anastacia, and Sofie (wife of Jonathon, our new intern couple). It was quite the “crazy” at my house before we got them in the bus to leave.

I was amazed at the production that the Abundant Life School had done for the community and parents. They had booths of food and drink, and even a horse ride. It looked like they had about 1000 people, who showed up for the festivities. Celebrations are fun, but there is so much work that goes into these types of events that are behind the scenes. The directors, the teachers, the staff, and even the parents. Some of the parents who have scholarships for their children, came and faithfully served and set up booths and made food and helped in anyway they could. The whole program was to raise money to support the children who would received grants next year. The school is growing and Jake Compaan is in the States right now interviewing potential new teachers for next year. WE are very thankful for this school and how much they have helped our girls. Because we have so many children who attend, we get a discounted rate, which we are entirely thankful for their help in this area.  Many of you have asked how you can help with sponsoring the children to go to this school directly.  I have finally found a solution.  Just send an email to Rachel Compaan at with the name of the girl you would like to sponsor.  She will give you more information about how to sponsor using PayPal or by sending checks directly to SIKM.  She will also send you photos of the girls each school year as well as updates.


 It would be a tremendous help to their school and the girls will continue to be in this wonderful school.  The girls love the teachers and the other students.  It has helped them not to be so isolated from other Hondurans and they are making life time friends as well as receiving a marvelous bi-lingual Christian education which has been the goal all along. 

These are the Kindergartners

Our PTC girls at their school presentation. 
The girls had these dresses made with the money they made selling coffee

I want to thank everyone who are helping us continue here at this mission.  I appreciate you all so much for giving our girls the opportunity to grow in the Lord and to get a quality education.  WE love you all and thank you very much.  Blessings from the Celebrating, Fiesta Attending, Honduran MOM


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