Sunday, August 4, 2013

OUR PTC Store is Receiving ORDERS!!

This is getting exciting! There was a lot of work put into the webpage for the store and we were blessed to see it up and running, but now we are getting orders for the Basket Ladies' baskets and for the girls coffee. Please click the link on the lower right of the page. Our vision for this PTC WEB Store, is to help the people here by getting these products out there, to make folks like you, more aware of wonderful people of Honduras. Our mission has been here for over 18 years ministering to "at risk" girls. So many people have come through this country by way of Project Talitha Cumi. They have been a huge blessing in so many ways. We are hoping to expand our school to the community to include the children who cannot afford to go beyond the 6th grade. When you purchasse these products, it gives the women who make them, a sense of dignity that they are providing for their families and are able to make a difference in the lives of their children and for the community also. Normally they scurry about from one place to another trying to sell their baskets, but now they are working together in a co-op that they organized, to work together and not apart. They call themselves "Women United". Please Help us with this project. I know many of you have come and some of you have not been able to come right now, or you have come and want to come back soon, but all of you have a heart to help. Many mission team members buy baskets here, not only because they see how hard these people work,and want to help, but they love the ladies' baskets and the girls' coffee too. The girls' harvest the coffee, and process it from start to the finish product that is cooked over an open fire,cooled, and bagged. Our girls receive a percentage of the coffee proceeds that are in their bank accounts, so that when they get old enough to leave the mission, they will have an understanding of work ethic, but also will have a little nest egg to get their lives started outside of the project. Please continue to pray for our mission here in Honduras and for the Lenca people here in Intibuca where we serve. Blessings, The Web Page Helping Honduran MOM

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