Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Popular Poplar Springs into Action

We have had a wonderful visit from the folks in Dublin GA, 

Our teams that we have had so far this year have been amazing!  They have worked until they couldn't.  This last team from Poplar Springs Church from Dublin.  They brought 19 people on their team.  Some of them had been to our girl's mission last year.  The rest of the team consisted of the veteran's Sunday School group of young people.  

The group help with arts and crafts, a building project to finish our washroom for the kitchen.  They recovered chairs for my kitchen table, they tiled the Church bathroom.  They played games with the girls, they lead praise and worship, cleaned out our big barn with all the carpentry tools.  They loaded, painted, and stained wood.  They encouraged and loved on everyone here at the farm, which was a huge blessing.  They shared everything they had and even started a fund for the pastor to purchase a motorcycle.

I met Pastor Barry last year.  His wife, who is a doctor of psychology,  started ministering to our girls last year.  She comes once a month on the weekend and ministers to the girls.  She has been a huge blessing, but her husband was just traveling with her.  The both of them have a huge heart for the PTC ministry.  

The doctor has her own ministry in Tegucigalpa, and their youngest son is studying medicine in the capital.  Pastor Bery will be staying here for 4-5 days out of the week visiting the community and working where God calls him and returning to his family for the remainder of the week.  Since he traveled a lot with his day job of administrative help to Non Profit Corporations here in Honduras, his schedule will not change very much.  He has a plan to start the church back up her at the farm to minister to the girls of course and he also wants to be involved,  not only as a pastor, in the community helping them in a capacity of an agricultural engineer.  He wants to help them first on a spiritual plane and the next is to show them how to maximize their resources to make the crops that they have to increase.  He will also be visiting the schools and continuing our evangelism course with the materials from the Mailbox Club out of Valdosta GA.  

The fund for the motorcycle grew out of a desire to help the Pastor, get his show on the road, so to speak. We already have almost half of what we need to get him mobile.  He has his motorcycle license as well as his CDL, so he will be able to drive the bus also.  He is taking the group to the bus station today and accompanying them to San Pedro Sula to drop them at the airport.  He is a handy man and has operated in the function of a mechanic.  He brings devotions at night for the girls, and it just an all around blessing.  Pray that everything work together for God's plans and purposes.  

The girls have been working hard on their coffee.  They have sold a lot and will finish selling to the teams who are coming in these next months.  Next year we should have a much bigger crop if God provides.  WE have two interns from SC coming to help us with marketing.  We will be preparing for this increase. We will be making a website for our coffee, getting coffee bags designed and tweaking all the strategies for this project.  WE are excited about these two interns coming this summer.

The fun news is that we have our fish ready to harvest.  I wanted the girls to go fishing and since they never had fished before.  They were undecided if they would like that or not.  While the group was cleaning out the barn, they found an old tackle box.  Most of the tackle was for salt water fish.  The hooks were kind of large, but I remembered how to string up a pole and the girls had found some earthworms when they were harvesting the potatoes this week.  I had told them to put them in dirt in a dark cool place.  They did and when I got the tackle on the 4 poles that we had, they walked down to the cement pond with their coconut shell of worms. 

 I was on my way, but was delayed by some questions from the Pastor.  I heard screaming like nobody's business, down at the pond.  They had caught a fish and they had caught Carman too.  She was running around and slipped into the pond!  The fish pond is not very deep, but Carman is not very tall,  They fished her out and then scooted her to the house to change before I got down there.  I didn't find out until later.  

They had a blast fishing!  I always heard that talapia wouldn't bite at a hook and had to be netted, but these guys do and the girls, can hardly wait to go fishing again.  They asked me so many times during this week.  They weren't able to because of the rain, and because of all the other activities that we had with the team, that we needed to accomplish. Our fishing trips also have been delayed because we also have been harvesting our crops this week. 

We have been picking our tomatoes, and our squash, and we harvested 7 feed sacks of potatoes.  The girls have been involved with the harvest and the cleaning of the coffee as well.  I am so proud of our girls.  They really know how to work!  They have been a huge blessing with all their help around the farm. 

I read a scripture today in Phillipians, that said to don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything, tell God you needs not to forget to thank God when He answers your prayers.  I just want to say how thankful we are for Mariela, walking and talking.  She still using her walker, but she is getting faster and more independent everyday. Her speech is getting clearer, and we all love it when she prays.  We have been praying so long about it, that when she stood on her own, or said her first hard word, (avocado in spanish) we were in shock.  I am thankful, very thankful for God hearing so many prayers on Mariela's behalf.  I want to thank all of you have been praying for her and for our ministry.  God is blessing us in so many ways, we stand amazed.  

I also want to thank God for having the church here on the farm opened again for ministry.  It has been very emotional, watching ministry with praise and worship music and the Word being brought forth, to the community and not just our girls.  I am blessed and I am thankful. 

I also want to thank the folks who worked on the fish pond.  It has brought a lot of joy to the girls and it is going to be a great source of meat around here.  I think there is only two girls who don't care for fish, but I am sure it will be like the grits they didn't use to like.  They will be thankful.  

Thanks again for all the love and support and prayers to Such is the Kingdom and Project Talitha Cumi. The Happy, Thankful, Fishing Honduran MOM.  

I will send photos of our fishergirls and our harvest.  

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