Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Eyes of March

I have been everywhere this month. I went to a Mission Conference in Chamberstown, PA.  While I there I was a total tourist, and loved seeing the new sights.  I just wanted to share some photos with you.  These first pictures were taken in Philadelphia PA at their Annual Flower show.  I went with my friend Nancy Evans.  We just didn't have enough time to see everything or charge on our phones to take all the pictures we wanted to take.  Ana Carey and her daughter were my tour guides at our Nations capital.

It was a great month to see new things, and places and meet new people.  It was a month of huge changes and so many blessings.  I didn't even post half of my photos, but just wanted to give you a flavor of where and what my eyes have seen in March.

Then we went to Washington D.C.  

My first visit 

I went to visit the President

I was snapping away

Beautiful Architecture

Ana Carey and I were freezing

WE Had SOME Snow

More Flowers

All of these flowers were amazing


More Orchids 


Rare Orchids


Strange plants

Wooden Plants

New Friend
An Exciting DAY
Maite's Sisters Find Her
18th Birthday
Listening to the Easter Message
Captivated with the Word
Pinata Easter
16th Birthday

The extremely large and unusual

God's creations are amazing

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