Sunday, September 16, 2012

Days of Our Lives

Today was a great day in that I got everything done that I didn't think I could possibly accomplish in one day. It was the 13th of September and a Thursday, two days away from the big country wide Liberation Day 

Wait a minute…. I lost my spoonful of cream cheese when my computer slipped to the floor.  It is okay and I did find my cream cheese spoon under my computer laptop thing that you use so that your laptop fan doesn't get too heated. Thankfully computer is not harmed and I located the cream cheese.  Don't judge me. :)

I woke up and got the girls going in my house.  I have several girls here living with me.  One 13 year old just turned 14 has a 10 month old baby.  She can't live with the other girls because they treat her baby like a doll, and want to carry it around and feed it anything.  Then the other has some socialization skills problems, but when she is busy with little ones she shines, the other two little girls 4 and 5 left my house after they had stayed for the normal time before I integrate them into the other houses, but they started closing down.  The 4 year old started stuttering and constantly wetting her pants.  She was potty trained, and after a doctor visit which revealed no infection problem, but a physiological one that she felt rejected having to leave my house.  :Her older sister quit talking and became a discipline problem.  The other girl is new, and so she will be placed in one of the houses soon.  

So we get up around ;here at 5 a.m.  We eat at 6:30 and have devotions at Circulo at 7:00. WE did that and had our jumping jacks, and then the staff had prayer time while the girls wait at the kitchen porch to go up to the school.  

I had to go and get cement for the workers to finish our outdoor stove.  We had a couple that came for a short time and they made a Belizian outdoor stove for us to use.  It cooks the tortillas perfectly.  The other open wood stove is to boil, and fry things.  So I got to town and got all the things I needed from the hardware store and returned.  I found out that our circulation papers were lapsed and so we had three vehicles to get re-registered, (The bus, the Toyota and Ben's motorcycle.) If I didn't go today, Saturday is their Independence Day, which is huge and everything would be closed Friday and Saturday. Our copier was broken again because the little girls in my house took their round -ended  school scissors and cut the wire to the top of the copier.    I also had to pay everyone so I needed to go to the Bank because Monday was the Day of the TEacher and the teacher's take the day off,  but so does the bank.  They have tons of holidays down here.  We just finished with Day of the Child.  Anyway, I got the paperwork, copier machine, checkbook and one of the girls for a travel companion and headed out. Also I had a 15 inch rim with a16 inch tire that I needed to get fixed for my spare tire for the Toyota.  My last blog was about the missing spare tire.

We got to La Esperanza and I paid my electric bill at the bank, and made my deposit, and got back in the car.  I remembered I had a card on the copier guy, and so I called their office.  He said they were in La Esperanza.  So I called his cell and he came and literally picked up the copier and walked it into a store and plugged it up and it just needed rebooted.  So I didn't have to go to Siguatepeque to drop it off, but I still had to drive the bypass of Siguat, to get to Comayagua to get to the DMV.  

WE got to Comayagua where the DMV is located with 30 minutes to spare, went by and visited Brenda Hernandez an alumni of our girls home, who has a great job and has always been a blessing.  I bought some chicken for Angela another alumni who is waiting for visa papers to be reunited with her husband in the States.  Meanwhile she is at the farm helping me with the girls and cooking. I got the spare fixed but they only had an almost bald tire.  He said, "well the last tire, had a lot of tread on it and it was a nice tire and they stole it.  Nobody is going to want to steal this tire, and it only cost 7 dollars.  It is not like you are going to drive on it forever.  You will get the other one fixed." I kept thinking of the Michilen tire commercial about how you have precious cargo in your car, but It made sense and I needed to get home before it started getting too late to go over the mountains especially without a spare. 
 We headed out of town and were almost to Siguat when I saw a sign for rabbits and ducks.  Several blogs ago, I wrote about the assassin dog that  murdered  all my rabbits, ducks and chicken on a wild spree of killing my small animal friends. 
I had mentioned this week that I would like to get them started growing them again.  

Further down the road they had some of the biggest pineapples!!!!!!.  I bought them and got a phone call about a check . I thought is was bank calling.  It was not.  I wrote to a check to the local hardware store guy, who is problematic.  He likes to talk, more than I do, and while I was writing his check, I wrote in the lettering part 800 limperas twice.  So I dropped by the grocery store to pick up diapers and met with the woman who called me about the check.  I re-issue the check to the girl from the problematic hardware store owner, who had swapped the check with her . They change checks around down here like crazy.  For example I write a check for cement and he gives my check to him to the Texaco guy for gas.  It is amazing how that works.

So when I got home, Brenda and I move the ducks and the rabbits inside.  Then the dogs charge into my house trying to get the rabbits.  They have never charged inside.  We had to lock up the dogs so that we wouldn't be after the ducks and rabbits.  

I decided while I was outside to check on the fish pond and see if it had filled.  It had and the guy forgot to turn off the water from the dam!  I told the watchmen to turn off the valve and he turns off the valve from the tanks!!!  I called back to him and no answer, so I start walking in the dark with my flashlight through the orange trees, I step in a hole and do something weird to my back.  I show him the valve and he says it is off.  The new ducks are swimming nicely, safe and sound.  

Next morning the watchman says the ducks are gone.  I see the water is gone too.  He didn't close the valve all the way and so the ducks had no water to escape from the dogs that got loose in the night,  He said "the dogs are in the pen", but the footprints were all in the soft mud.  They may have been in the pen …now  but they weren't. 

So a new day begins.  I lay back down because my back is not great, and the Human Rights people come about one of our girls, a mom comes to visit one our girls.   I am working on some clarification of job descriptions with Ben and I a up more than lying down.  I send the girls to the Dentist with Angela and they call and say they don't have the orthodontists order which shows what teeth have to be pulled so Cinthia can get her braces.  So I get up looking for that paper. Ben goes to leave and I hear the head worker ask if Ben can give him a ride.  While I am still looking for the paper, the girls come say the police are out front with Ben.  I go outside and Ben says he needs help. 

When Ben left, to his utter surprise, he saw a police operative.  There is never a police operation in front of our road because we are so remote, and so he turned around to get the renewed circulation paper I had at my house.  The police said he had a few things he did wrong. 
One :    He turned around and it look like he was running from the police
Two:     He didn't have his paperwork.
Three:  He had another MAN on the motorcycle and because of numerous       problems in the big cities, they made a new law that you can't drive with another man on the back of the motorcycle.
Four:  He didn't have a specific motorcycle license.

Because of all this they said they were impounding his motorcycle for 45 days and he would have a large fine. I talked to them and praying all the time in my mind and told them we were a non profit organization and that Ben doesn't receive a salary and that would they please help us.  The police officer with the large sunglasses, and the no nonsense lips, told us that in their country they have a saying that "Ignorance of the law is no excuse".  I started to say that we have the same law and decided against it. I said we were sorry.  He said, "put the motorcycle in the truck".  I asked "How can he get to work?"  We are helping your people and we just ask for mercy."  He said, "Okay, but he is walking until he gets his license." Thank you Lord.  He handed Ben's documents back to me, like I was his mother.  Ben was standing right there.  But I was just glad he didn't take his passport.  So 36 hours goes by  again full of the grace of God.  If I hadn't decided to go get the paperwork done the day before, we would have no motorcycle in my front yard because the paperwork would have been expired.  Monday Ben goes for his license and hopefully will be on the road again.   

 I am thankful that God is with me through all the days of my life.  I am thankful for mercy and grace and that He gives that to me even through no nonsense police officers.  I am thankful that He heals me. My back is better even though I was doing more exercise getting up to see about so many different things today..  Continue to pray for us, the Harried, Hurried, Honduran Mom

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