Saturday, July 7, 2012

Missing Killer Tonight

Killer got poisoned two days ago and finally died tonight.  We bought her along the side of the rode right before Thanksgiving last year.  Our little white dog, Jackie O, had gone on a missionary excursion with a team and she didn't return.  Someone like her as much as we did.  So I bought Killer as a puppy along the roadside from the family who repairs AK 47s to replace the loss of our girl's missing pet.

Killer was a great guard dog and even the watchman was afraid of her.  She looked like a Dobermin Pincher.  Only Mary who is so petite and tiny could make the dog do what she was supposed to.  I thought it would be funny to call her a really strong name like, "Killer", for a dog for a girls home.  It just kind of stuck.  When all the girls realize she was dead tonight they all came running and when they got to the dog pen where Killer lay, a howl went up for their lost dog.  They cried and cried.  Our staff was holding on to the girls and they were just so distraught.  

We had a great day prior to this.  I got to town to put our finances in the bank for the upcoming team, when there was literally 100 people in the bank.  WE got one of our girls into the doctor rapidly, got our groceries done and the girls went out with Jerimiah and Linda for a cultural food thing they were doing in Geography.  We got home and Courtney had made snickerdoodles and then we jumped on making supper.  The supper was wonderful, we had potatoes and cream sauce, beef tips and gravy salad.  The girls wanted to do a talent night. It started raining and we almost canceled it but I am so glad we didn't.  It was so good and so funny.  Just a wonderful night, and then when I got home to give meds out to the kids,  I found some rehydration salts for the dog who was getting better, and when Mary went out there, she came back trying not to cry but caving in rapidly from that resolve, so frustrated that her dog had died.  

Animals get poisoned around here for various reason.  Barking to much, guarding the premises too well, fear, or sometimes retaliation because they are mad or feel slighted by the owners.

I told the girls that we had to pray for our neighbors and that is why we are here because they don't have a clue that this is so wrong.  I told them that is why we were here to help them find Jesus and live a better way.  Please be praying for our girls and for our neighbors.  Blessings, Dog Grieving, Sad Honduran MOM

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