Thursday, May 3, 2012

Remanents of Easter

These are the days of spring!  THINGS ARE NEW!  

 I have an azalea in my front yard.  I have two that have lived through bikes, soccer matches, machetes and motorcycles.  They remind me of home in South GA.  The last blog that I wrote was about a month ago.  We have been incredibly busy and I sincerely haven't had time to write to anyone, really.  I open my email and answer all pertinent questions and I fall asleep, which is kind of scary because, sometimes I don't remember what I sent.  One time I sent a message that had 5 lines of dashes because my hand fell asleep on the keys.

Eggstra special washings
Let's play a matching game.  We have two girls below. They are sisters with large imaginations and are very creative.  One of the girls rescued the forks from the kitchen and stuck them in the pie (of sorts)  One of the LG's (little girls) decided to take the left over easter eggs to the school to play with them there.  She carefully put them in the bathroom where the tissue belongs, but she did have them in a Easter egg bucket.  The other sister in the photo below, decided to dump the Easter egg remanents into the school toilet!  I found them this afternoon right before lunch.  I wanted to laugh, but the LG's knew they were there and continue to use the facilities.   These LG'ers are giving me a run for my money.

This one is thinking all the time.
These two girls are sisters
We have been really busy here.  School goes on every day.  Ben Heath has done a great job with directing the school.  He left a few weeks early and then the Botkins had to leave a few weeks early to renew their visa and Natalie left on her last day of her visa.  It didn't hit me until they all started leaving that it was going to be like old times.  Me and the girls.  I am thankful that God has been faithful to the girls and me.  I am filling in for Ben up top at the school.  I miss Natalie and her Iphone writing down what I try not to forget, and the Botkins are needed for extra eyeballs and help with trig homework.  Not only do they do an amazing job here, we also just miss them.  

We got a roof on the farm house.  Walls are up on the intern house and the mixed group from around Baxley and beyond did an amazing job working on everything to construction to automotive, to gardening and preparing the soil with the tractor.  We want to thank Joe and David for the great groups that they always bring.  I am in awe of how much stuff they can get done in just a week's time.


We have been at opthomologist appointments in Siguatepeque, had a lot of birthday parties and have eaten a lot of cake, picked and shelled a lot of beans, cooked and sold a lot of coffee,  and made a lot of new friends along the way. 

I am thankful for the NEW God is bringing our way .  The old has been a blessing, but His blessings are NEW every morning. Please be praying for us.  We have several teams coming back to back and we are trying to get all the logistics worked out on picking the teams up and dropping them off.  It is going to be an exciting summer!
Our new road to La Esperanza is in the process of being widen and maybe even paved.  We are watching a daily change to the landscape.  The fences have been torn down and the old stately trees are no more.  When they removed all of them to widen the road, I now see valleys that I didn't know existed before because of the trees along fence line. I have been traveling this road for 17 years!  It had been there all along, I just didn't see it. My vision just went to the line.  We have some things that God is showing us here with the girls. He is clearing away some spiritual things in their lives to reveal some valleys.  These things have been with some of the girls for their entire lives, but God is revealing some new things and removing some old things.  A spiritual house cleaning as it were.  I am thankful He is doing the same in me.  Please be in prayer for them and for us as the staff to have wisdom on how to deal with all the "new" directions He is taking us in. Blessings, from the Spring Cleaning Honduran MOM.

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