Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Telephone Blues

This week has been kind of special with my telephone woes. I have a Tigo phone which is a privately owned phone company, and a Hondutel phone that is in my house which is my land-line. I am thankful for any phone service because I have lived here with no service and so I am thrilled to have a phone.

However, my Tigo phone service started calling and telling me to pay my bill. I had paid it on the 4th of every month. They started sending text message saying it was time to pay the bill on the 17th of last month. I would text back telling them that I had paid the bill, and that seem to be fine, for a day or two and then they would start again. So finally they cut my service on first of August. I went to the bank, where you pay your utilities and they said I owed 10 dollars. I was glad it wasn't more but I didn't understand why I owed 10 dollars because my bill wasn't due for 3 more days, but whatever.

I tried to use my Hondutel phone the other day, and the phone just cut off. I thought maybe something with their satellite. I waited and checked later still no service. After a week I week by the local phone office in Yamaranguila where Don Caesar has faithfully served for years. He used to walk to my house in Yamaranguila to tell me I had a call years ago. It is just a super small building, and the lines would always be down when it was about time for him to go to lunch. Anyway, I stopped by there and told him my service has been out for a week. He said wait a minute and I followed him to his little office and he plugged up a cord. He said, "It should work now". I stood there looking a little perplexed and he said, "I wasn't here last week and someone must have unplugged the cord. Sorry". I wanted to laugh out loud but I didn't. I now have phone service...

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