Sunday, July 5, 2015

Our God is So Big...

WE have had tons of rain and then nothing.  I asked the watchman if he needed rain for his corn.  
"Of course, " was his reply.  I asked him to agree with me that we needed rain and that God said that He would send what we had need of.  He looked up at the stars shining above, grinned and said, "Okay," but looked at me like I had a squirrel loose in my cabeza.  Anyway,  on a cloudless night, and 5 minutes later, it was raining like crazy.  I called our watchman on the phone and all we could do is laugh. WE rejoiced about how Good God is, and it was good.

I just knew rain was on the way after that, but that was it, and it hasn't rained since.  I don't know why God answers immediately and then doesn't answer the same prayer later.  Who Knows? God does.  It is His universe and He can do what he wants to do.  I am thankful, when my prayer is answered, and sometimes confused when it is not, but that doesn't keep me from praying.  I am the one who is just standing on what His Word says to do.   However, it is the rainy season.  Please pray for our country of Honduras will have the rain they need for the crops we have planted.  It is a crucial time.  Right now I am going for the "two or more as touching anything" prayer.

Well God came through huge with finding the parents for the passports.  WE had not heard anything and then all of a sudden, they wanted to find one of our girls.  We are so thankful that they had a day off and they both came to see about their daughter.  Both have passports, and we are thankful to God for the plans He has for them.


We had two girls who snuck into the kitchen to see what they could find. I had set aside two plates for our two nursing students, who come in late.  Some of my other girls saw them in the kitchen. So I called the accused into my house.  One girl got there before the other.  I asked the first girl about the report from the other girls and she said indignantly, "I did not", with a "How dare you?" look on her face. Finally her midnight snacking cohort came in and said, "I did do it".  I looked over the head of the first girl and looked over at the wailer, and with a question on my face as to her guilt.  The truth sayer just nodded "yes".  So the first girl starts getting louder in her denial of the obvious lie, continuing wailing about how she didn't do anything wrong.  When I say wailing, I mean loud wailing, and much flailing of the arms for extra dramatic flair.  I talked with her and told her I didn't care about the food, I cared about her and what was important when we do something that is wrong, and that we need to say we are sorry, otherwise it separates us from God and from the people who care about us. So I told her to go to bed and think about it. She wouldn't move. She just stayed there crying softly now. I headed to the house frustrated, but turned around and asked her if she needed to say something. As I got closer she grabbed me and she said in a normal voice level but still crying  " I did do it, and I am sorry ". I told her it doesn't matter how many times you deny the truth or how loud you get denying the obvious, it is still doesn't make it turn into something right. I hugged her, told her I loved her and prayed for her and she went quietly and peacefully off to bed, with her head held a little higher.

I thought about everything that is happening all over the world and it is just like my young person. Her denying the truth, made me sad, but I still had hope she would realize even though what she did was not right, I still loved her, but I prayed that God would heal her thinking and He did and He can do this.

 VBS  VBS !!!!  What a wonderful time with the community and with our team led by Bill and Sandy McHugh.  150 guests at our celebration of Ranch Avalanche


Our girls sing a song here in English and Spanish with large hand motions and much enthusiasm :

My God is So Big so strong and so mighty there is nothing my God cannot do. 2x's.
The mountains are His
The rivers are His
The stars are His handiwork too.
My God is big so strong and so mighty there is nothing my God can not do for You.

I heard Christine Caine say this morning on You Tube sermon, that we need to sing this song to ourselves as the body of Christ,  as a daily reminder.  I have been humming it in my head. There is nothing He Can't Do. As the body of Christ don't have to fear. He tells us in His Word, 365 times, one for everyday of the year, not to fear.  I don't know who counts these things, but it gives me comfort.  We just need not to fear to watch and pray.  We need to pray against confusion, focus on what God's Word says.  We need to learn tolerate our neighbors, who may not understand the Word, but we need to love them even more than we tolerate them.  We need to want the best for them and the best thing for them is to walk in truth.  I have heard people say that "truth is relative", but God says that He is the Truth and He will set us free.  I want Him for my relative, my heavenly relative, who lights my way when I can't see through a situation.  He makes my path clear.  

Again, I want to thank all of our supporters.  There are people we know and people we don't know that help us with this ministry.  I do want to thank Wesley and Suzanne for everything they have done, which is a lot, to help us get ready for the 20th Anniversary.  They have been amazing.  I would also like to thank our teams. We had our team Marathon, which meant we had teams back to back for months.  We have 5 days free and then our guests from the States are coming to help us celebrate 20 years of Project Talitha Cumi.  Thanks to everyone who helped us all of these years.  We appreciate all of your hard work and the investments of you heart given freely to our girls. Blessings,  The Super Blessed Honduran MOM.