Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home from the Hills

Well as many of you know, I am in the United States. I have had a great time visiting with my family and many friends who I haven't seen in a while. I had a great time with my care group, have got to spend quality time with my mom and with my grandchildren when I can catch them between activities. I have gotten my mail and all the end of the year stuff organized. I have felt pretty good about everything that I have been able to accomplish, until today.

When I got home from Honduras, I found out that my refrigerator that had been on its last coil for quite sometime, finally went to a cooler land. Unfortunately it took it's sister appliance. the washing machine, when it died. So last week I was looking at appliances. I found some great deals at Lowe's and the people were really helpful. They brought my washer right away, but there was to be a delay in the refrigerator as it had to come from the warehouse. It was a good deal so I decided to delay buying groceries, and eat at Mom's until it came in. Still a wonderful deal of homecooked meals was in my future and no grocery shopping.

Also when I arrived home from the hills, I found out that my insulation around my duct work for the heating and air system was exposed, causing a condensation process that affected my flooring and one of my walls. My girls who are attending college closed my room up when I am gone, so the moisture kind of steamed my room, flooring and walls. One part of the flooring in the hall is so bad that I am thankful I have strong carpet. I called a repairman and the first one said $80.00 just to look at it. Then the second guy was kind and came in and told me what was going on. The heating and air guy said that animals in the neighborhood tend to destroy the insulation when it becomes old, because they can either stay cooler or warmer. He said the insurance company might pay for it. So today I was waiting for the insurance adjuster and the refrigerator guy.

I unloaded the refrigerator and had been defrosting the coils for days. The fan was not circulating the cool air and so the freezer would freezer and the bottom would not be cool, but with the cool weather I decided to leave the condiments in the fridge. I got all that cleaned out and on the counter. Then the insurance adjuster said that he was coming to check out the damage. I thought great, I still have time to go and work on a project in Moultrie and Mom and I could still see the grandkids and get back home to have the weekily eat out with my younger brother and his wife. It was a great plan.

The refrigerator folks called and said they couldn't come today. So I said "Okay" and I loaded up the frig with the stuff I had set on the counter. Then the insurance adjuster came and said there might be a slight chance that I would get a settlement but because it wasn't a leak and it was condensation, I probably wouldn't get a settlement. I know I had already spent money on my appliances, and I had no idea what all of this damage was going to cost. I was discouraged but after he left I just prayed that God would take care of me and show me what to do.

So I decided to call my Mom for some sympathy. Since I am a multi tasker at heart, I decided while I was milking sympathy from my mom I would fix my sofa. I was going to replace a strut that had fallen out. So while I was on the phone and adjusting a coil, a coil that I was not touching dislodge from the sofa snapped around without touching the side of my head and the point of it hit me in the lip. It was like I had been shot. I told my mom, "Hold on I think I have a problem". At first it looked like a superficial wound and a scrape and then it start bleeding...a lot.

Because I was waiting to go to the grocery store I was out of napkins, tissue, etc. Because I had defrosted my refrigerator, I had no ice. So my mom calls me back and tells me to put a damp teabag on it, which I did. It was hygenic and felt good. I was trying to thank the Lord that renegade spring didn't stick me in the eye or didn't break my tooth off, but discouragement began creeping up on me. I was considering a butterfly bandage and some triple antibiotic cream in lieu of going to the doctor, but I finally just called the doctor and got an appointment.

I was glad they could work me in, but while I was there they had an office full of folks. Because I didn't have an appointment I had to wait, which was okay with me. People started talking to me about why they were there. I told them why I was there so they wouldn't think I was a victim in a abusive family situation. I probably should have kept quiet and let them feel sorry for me, because in telling my story, I just looked stupid.

The women started sharing and most of them had a problem with cancer. They had been in multiple surgeries, chemo therapy, taking meds that cost them $7000.00 a shot. All of them sitting and nodding in unison about having the same "journey", they called it. They had lost hair, weight,money, husbands, and jobs. They have basically used all of their money on trying to cure the cells that were taking charge over their bodies.

The other things I noticed that they had in common were their smiles. They laughed when they talked about how large their arms swelled, and when they passed out from the side effects of the chemo, scaring the liver out of all who were around, the joys and trials of wigs, and hair coming back in with color and curl. They smiled and laughed as they shared their journeys.

Now I tell you I had been pretty disheartened when I got there. I went in for my procedure and four stitches later, my lip now looks like botox gone bad. I have a bandage the size of a tab that marks important documents. I asked about scarring and she said, It will look bad for a couple of months and then it will begin to fade. This is not what I wanted to hear. I paid my co-pay and walked to my car, telling myself not to cry about this. As I sat down in my car, I remembered those heroic women with whom I had been seated. I know they were in His Hall of Fame. They were praising God for keeping them safe, helping them through the pain, trials, and the bills. I had my bills covered, pain was covered, my lip also has a cover. I might not can smile right now because of swelling, but I can praise Him. He has been good to me today.

I read a scripture that spoke to me and so I shared it with my Mom yesterday. God is pretty savvy to send you a message of hope before you need one. We always think it is for someone else when He knows we will need to claim it for our own. Psalms 107 1: Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. He faithful love endures forever. 4: some wandered in the desert lost and homeless, hungry and thirsty ,they nearly died, "Lord help!" they cried in their trouble and he rescued them from their distress. He led them straight to safety to a city where they could live. He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

10 Some sat in darkness and deepest gloom, But they cried "Lord help" and he saved them from distress 14 He led them out of darkness and deepest gloom.

The list goes on and on and covers health, wealth, rebellion, and in that pslams they call for help and God shows up and leads them out or saves them from every stressful situation when they cry unto Him, and each time it repeats, telling us to praise the Lord for his great love and for all his wonderful deeds. At the end of the psalm it says : Those who are wise will take all this to heart; they will see in our history the faithful love of the Lord.

I want to be wise and take it to heart and remember my history of what God has done for me. According to this pslam He will lead me out of whatever circumstance in life I find myself . Please continue to pray for me and my healing in every area of my life. Blessings, the Punctured but Praising Honduran MOM