Monday, January 5, 2015

Thankful for 2014 and 2015

I was writing to one of my girls this morning and talking about this last year.  For the last few days I have been trying to figure out what to write about this month. I got side tracked and started cleaning out my inbox  due to lack of electricity and poor wifi connections I had about 2800 pieces of mail in my  inbox.   As I was going through that I found  these photos, I decided to share them with you.

I will let you guess who they are. Life is passing so quickly. We have been here in Honduras and will be celebrating 20 years here at the ministry.  These are not all of our girls for sure. We have had so many children pass our way   















Life with Christ is about growth.  The girls and I both have grown in so many ways.  I want to thank everyone who helped us get to this point.  There are so many they couldn't be named, and some of you that have helped that I just don't know that have helped us.  The good news is that Jesus knows who has been there for our girls. I am so very thankful for you.

We have a team from Tom Osborne's church.  We are thankful for all they have done while they have been with our girls.  Thanks to Joe Reynolds who comes to the farm to watch over the girls, so that I can come home and get other things done, including trying to catch my breath.  I am also thankful for the father-daughter team from Texas.  It was a return trip for both of them to the farm and that is always special for the girls. It was a return of a father daughter from Texas. They ran water to the houses and served on every level. It was a blessing to have them working literally alongside all of us.

Continue to pray for our water situation. We need wisdom and water and maybe a new pump. We have connected to the community water, but when dry season shows up, which it has just started our 5 houses and the mission house will be a huge drain, (so to speak) on the water supply.  

Continue to pray for Rosey.  She got a sponsor in December and now she can continue in you.   college to be a lawyer.  She is a wonderful young woman and she helps us on the weekends with the girls, and while I am gone these weeks.  We want to thank the church who has blessed her in this way.  
I want to thank Rosa and Lina who also have been so faithful to continue to serve at Project Talitha Cumi.  They are a tremendous blessing.  
We now have 38 girls and a staff of eleven nationals.  We want to open the Boy's Ranch this year.  It only lacks doors and tile for the porches that surround the house.  We are close to finishing up the apartment for potential adoptive families and we start our new intern project in March.  Stephani and Lizzy start a LPN, two year course in January.  Some of our girls will be finishing up their last year of High School.  We have new girls from the community to start their Jr. High year with our school this year.  They will come 3 times a week.  We have Dr. Javier and Dr. Paola coming every 15 days to check on either the girls or the community.  Dr Javier works a long day at the clinic, and the other Dr. works with the girls here at the mission.  I am so thankful that the clinic is being used and so is the community. 
In July we want to celebrate our 20th anniversary of Such Is the Kingdom Ministries.  We will have a time of celebration in the Moultrie/Doerun area and then we will have a celebration here in Honduras.  Please pray about attending either one or both.  It is going to be a exciting year!
We have 38 girls, the staff of 11 people. We want to open the boys home. It is almost ready to receive boys. We still need interior doors and we need to tile around the house. We are close to finishing our apartment for families and we start our intern project in March.  And we are also waiting of the arrival of Angie's first baby.

So much is going on and we are so thankful to all of your prayers and support.  Please continue to hold us up in prayer.
Blessings the Thankful Honduran MOM.

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