Thursday, April 2, 2015

Birthdays and Bonfires


Every year birthdays roll around. This year we have 39 girls and so we are rolling out birthdays like crazy. So Instead of having a birthday party for each girl, we are going to celebrate once a month on the last Sunday. I will post the birthday girl, but we will celebrate with one grand birthday bash. I will take the birthday girl out for lunch or some activity to note her birthday. I know that will be a special memory for me and hopefully for them too. In the future I will post those events also.

I can't believe how much we have grown. We are also being asked for space for more girls. We have in the past taken a girl and let them get settled before we bring on more girls. Our newest girl is Mariela. She has come from a very hard situation and is really working hard. She has never been to school, so we are trying to get her up to snuff on her studies. She is 15 and she is so cute bringing in her letters to show everyone. She is extremely smart and we are hoping that she will advance easily to recuperate those years she lost.

This week is Easter Week or Semana Santa. We plan activities everyday for the girls. Historically, we watch the Count of Monte Cristo and eat chili the first day, then watched the Love Comes Softly series the next day. Wednesday we went to the park and each girl got their own drink. Last night we had a bonfire, ate hotdogs and marshmallows, and sang songs.

WE are going to the community today to share the pinatas with the community right now. I will be back with an update.