Tuesday, March 4, 2014

There Is a Season Under Heaven

The TEAM season has officially started. Although we have already had some teams this year, we are moving into our Season.  We have had a super great week!  We have our Spanish Club team from St Louis.  This is the fourth year in a row they have been at our mission.   They go to the communities and do outreach ministries, like bringing rice from Children Against Hunger and dramas, and all the while they are practicing their Spanish.  All night all day they just have fun with the girls.  We were eating lunch today and the group start a song, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". 
They started out by coughing and then they started using the kitchen tables as their drums and off they went.  The girls don't exactly know what to make of these guys sometimes, but they wouldn't miss a thing.

The Cumi CAFE bakery is moving into a new season.  WE  have our wood carvers bringing their art into the store side of the bakery.   WE will sell their jewelry boxes and frames with our coffee and pine straw baskets.  All these products are made here in Yamaranguila. Our ministry is trying to help the single moms and the youth of our area to sell their art to our teams to help them raise funds for their families.

Cumi CaFe still has the delicious cinnamon rolls, which are the big hit with everyone from team members to the local people. WE even sell our rolls in La Esperanza!  Our coffee picking season is over.  WE are now just cooking the coffee and bagging it in airtight bags for our teams. A group of students from Anderson University, bought us a coffee grinder and sealer to help us get our coffee business established.  If you would like some our our coffee, check out our website:  ptchonduras. org.  We have been selling our coffee Cafe Cumi and are increasing our clientel everyday.  The girls have learned a lot working at the bakery and they also will get credit hours in their school for establishing a micro-business. 

Sunday, Angie Serrit is starting a new season in her life.  Angie has been working as a volunteer for us for almost two years.  She got her visa this week and so Angie and her husband, Kansas will leave to go to the States.  It was a time we knew was coming, but boy, it has been so hard to see them go.  Angie grew up here on the farm.  She went to college and then met Kansas as an adult.  They knew of each other years ago here in Honduras.  He had been in Honduras on a construction team 10 years before, while she was just a young girl.   They got married November 2011.  We have loved having her here, working, laughing, planning so many things, and loving on the girls these almost two years.  She was so faithful about her work ethic and faithful towards the girls as an oldest sister but mainly faithful to God.  She and Kansas waited patiently for her visa to be processed.  She wrote today and she has it in her hands.  I am thrilled that she finally has her visa to the United States, but I am going to miss her like crazy (Me and the girls).  I know God is going to bless her because she gave her time and her energy to help with these girls here at PTC.  She loves the girls here and the ones yet to be here.  She and Kansas have been a huge source of help in so many ways.  Please pray for them to have a super safe trip and a wonderful life in the United States.  Thanks for serving .    

WE got a couple of new girls.  One is going to be here for a temporary season and the other is more of a long term.  I keep telling myself that I am going to limit the girls we accept by age, or situation, but if God has sent them to me, I usually just let them stay.  Out of all the thousands of girls that could be here, I only have a handful of girls.  It is really amazing to know that God hand picks these girls to be here for this time.  Some have been here for 15 years and some on for a short season, but they all have heard the Gospel and felt loved and safe while they were here. 

It is hard to know the depth of a child's hurt who has been wounded to the core.  I have been in prayer over these two girls.  They are both so special, and I am calling on God for wisdom and special insight on how to minister to them.  Please pray for me about the new ones.  They are truly,  precious in His sight.  Sometimes, when we get a new girl, the children who have been here for a while, remember the reason why they are here. It is a emotional situation for everyone.  I have witnessed the lives of our girls have been transformed just living here in a safe environment and listening to the message of the gospel.  The love they experience from the staff,  each other,  and the teams that come down to share the love of Jesus is really healing to all of us. It brings hope to them. Sometimes though, those past memories loom overhead like a dark winter snow cloud. Those girls pull an invisible cloak around their emotions and their memories and it is difficult to minister to them. I called a meeting of the girls this afternoon, just to encourage them to reach out to the new girls as others have reached out to them.  I also reminded them that there is absolutely nothing they can do to change their past or the anybody's past, except to walk in forgiveness to the ones who disappointed them or wounded them.  They can be free.  Please pray for us. 

This is a tribute to Angie and Kansas that Angie helped them to learn .

Coffee picking season is over

This is our girls at our 2nd annual beach trip to Omoa that we took earlier this  February 

 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.  Ecc. 3:1-2

I thank the Lord for the seasons in my life.  So much has happened this year, I can hardly express everything I have been able to see, do and experience. There has been a season to plant,  a season of mourning, a season of joy, a season of weeping and a season for laughter and a season to dance. Seasons of change. A season of faith and trust.  The word season is used in cooking too.  It just makes what your working with more flavorful. I trust God to put just the right seasoning on all of here in PTC.  

 I thank God for calling me here to Honduras and to His children.  Sometimes, I feel like they are mine, but He has to remind me that they are His first.  I love this mission.  Sometimes, I think it is mine, but He again gently reminds me that it was and is HIS vision and not mine to begin and continue with this mission.  Pray for me and His girls.  Blessings, the Seasoned Honduran Mom